Coaching Development and Philosophy


Soccer makes a great demand on skills. Attractive, entertaining and successful soccer depends on the talents and abilities of the individual player.

It is important for the coach to perceive and appreciate, each player’s individual qualities and apply methods in which these talents and skills, may be developed further within a practice concept. It has to be understood that the demands placed upon an individual’s capability have become greater in terms of the lack of time and space a player has when in possession of the ball.

It is vitally important that youth players, practice and acquire technical skills and tactical behavior under conditions they may expect in the game. That means players may only practice “correctly”, with maximum transfer into game situations. This must be evident in all practices. The speed of approach, limited space, time and pressure in conditioned opposed practices, are required to create a proper coaching environment. We have the duty to create players with technical ability, personalized flair and tactical behavior.

Although the “training game” is the center for the enhancing of key aspects, it does not cover all demands on the player. The importance of a complimentary program must be understood.

Winning or losing is not important. Letting players express themselves is. Let players experiment outside the guiding path of the curriculum. Players need to be encouraged to take responsibility to develop self confidence and belief in themselves. They all have something to offer.

Remember…”we all learn together”.