RSC_GivesBack_AThe Riverside Gives Back event provides players and families a chance to learn about the importance of giving and gratitude. Every year we organize members to provide an outreach to individuals less fortunate or experiencing difficult times in life.

At Riverside we believe that individual and team success on the pitch is a direct results of a community (or a group of people) that are committed to working together towards a positive outcome. Players must understand and appreciate the many sacrifices that are being made every day in their life in order to support their soccer experience. The players support structure includes parents, extended family, friends, team mates, club volunteers, and sponsors. Great support structures often produce great people. Great people will always make great players.

This event is designed to help players move outside of themselves and experience the core essence of Riverside values. It is important that each member learn and pass alongRSC_GivesBack_B the Riverside spirit of building community and the importance of supporting each other. Each year we identify a need in the community where we feel that we can help make a difference. In sharing our Riverside spirit and values, we believe we can positively change our community and also provide a rewarding life changing experience that will remain in the hearts of each Riverside member.

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For more information please contact the Riverside Gives Back team.