Recreational Soccer at Riverside

intro-image-rec-new(1)There is no selection or tryout process. Skill evaluations may be held to form teams of equal talent levels.

This is the place where any child can play soccer, regardless of ability or past experience. Recreational teams are filled first with returning players, and then on a first come first served basis after the early deadline has passed.

All players who register are assigned to a team as long as space is available on team rosters.
There is usually a one-time registration fee for each 6 – 8-week season.

Recreational Soccer teams play two seasons, Fall and Spring. The season includes eight scheduled games along with a weekly practice schedule determined by each individual coach. Upon receipt of your registration, players are assigned by age to teams and your player’s coach will contact you shortly before the start of the season.

Players benefit from the opportunity of social interaction with other players of their own age.
Players learn basic soccer skills while benefiting from the physical fitness aspects of the game.
All games are usually held at the same location every weekend for the 6 – 8-week season.

U4 – U18 Developmental Soccer………Click here to send an email regarding your son/daughters age and playing for the Riverside Renegades! We have many options and teams to suit the needs of any ability player.

Age Groups Breakdown Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

2003 U-18
2004 U-17
2005 U-16
2006 U-15
2007 U-14
2008 U-13
2009 U-12
2010 U-11

U – is known as under. U18 would be considered Under 18.