Competitive Programs

Riverside Soccer Club has a competitive program for age groups: U-11 through U-19.

The Club’s ultimate goal for competitive players is to reach the highest level of play, whilst building character. We want our players to succeed both on and off the field.

Competitive Questionnaire:

  • As a parent, am I willing to make the financial commitment of club fees per season (Season is 4 months).  FC Riverside does offer payment plans.  In addition, young athletes can apply for a scholarship.
  • As a parent, am I willing to commit to getting my child to practice 2 – 3 times a week?
  • As a parent, am I willing to make the commitment to getting my child to weekend games, even if the games are outside a 30 mile radius.
  • As a parent, am I willing to allow my child to play games on Sunday or weeknights, if the league schedule demands?
  • As a parent, am I willing to commit to tournaments throughout the seasonal year?
  • Does my child want to play competitively or do they prefer recreational?

Competitive soccer teams play two seasons, Fall and Spring. Each season includes ten scheduled games along with a weekly practice schedule determined by each individual coach. Usually 3 practices per week. Players are assigned to teams determined by year-round evaluation.

Tournaments are very important to Riverside’s development of all our players. Each player is given the opportunity to play at their potential and level of play.

Our coaches teach technical, tactical, fitness, and game knowledge to our players. The key to success is driven by will, and being mentally and physically prepared for every game through practice. Our mission with all our programs is that the game of soccer, will help them prepare for the game of life.

Timely registration allows the club the ability to form teams, build rosters, obtain coaches and produce schedules with Colorado Youth Soccer in an efficient manner. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! Fees do not include uniform’s, or in some cases coaching fees.

Teams will remain intact whenever possible, provided registrations are received on time. New players are assigned to teams after evaluation.

NOTE: A small head shot photo must be uploaded to the online registration. New players must include a copy of their birth certificate sent to the RSC Office.

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