Annual General Meeting

AGM(2)The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting for the election of Officers to the 2014 Board of Directors.  It is also a chance to get to know the Board Directors and ask questions.

We welcome all Riverside Soccer Club members to attend this event.

Event Information

When: February 1, 2022.
Where: Virtual Google Hangout
Who: All Members
Entry: Available to anyone wanting to attend. We encourage all members to come and represent the club at this event.

Who Can Vote?

3.1              Voting Members Voting members of the Club (“Voting Members”) are those eligible to vote at the Annual Membership Meetings (“Annual Meetings”) or Special Membership Meetings (“Special Meetings”) set forth below. In no instance can any individual have more than one vote at such meetings. Voting Members are comprised of the following:
a)                  Directors; and
b)                  For each Team, as follows:
i)                    Each team of 8 players or less shall have one vote. The majority of parents, or legal guardians, of Team players (“Team Parents”) shall elect the representative. If no representative is so elected, the team’s Head Coach or his/her designee shall be the Voting Member for the Team.
ii)                  Each team of more than 8 players shall have two votes. The team’s Head Coach or his/her designee shall be one Voting Member. The majority of the team’s parents shall elect the other Voting Member. If no representative is so selected, the team’s Manager or his/her designee shall be the second Voting Member for the team.