The Riverside Hall of Fame recognizes individuals & groups for outstanding performance and impact to the Riverside Soccer Community as well as the sport of soccer.

Lifetime Achievement

Brian Seyferth

Brian Seyferth has been with the club for over 5 years, in the capacity of Club President.  He was instrumental in gaining a field grant to add a high tech sprinkler system to the whole of Fort Logan.  He endeavors to keep the club stable and growing and even dedicates his time to refereeing our clubs games.

2012 Inductee

Coaching Achievement

Ed Montojo

Ed has been with RSC for many years and during this time has built a relationship up with Coerver Colorado and Rsc.  He is well known throughout the club and dedicates his time and efforts to make Riverside ‘One’.  His professionalism, character and attitude are fine examples for us all to follow here at Riverside.

2011 Inductee

Kevin Thomas

Kevin has been with RSC for many years, moving his team forward every season, both on-off the field, generating lasting bonds between players. His integrity, professionalism, and his long-term commitment towards his players and the club have inspired others. He is a first class coach and a true gentleman.

2010 Inductee

Player Achievement

Amy Barczuk

Amy has set high standards since starting at a young age and throughout her career. She has exceeded all of them while playing at the highest level at every age group. Her innate leadership has driven her teammates to reach their potential. She has earned the respect of her teammates to be named captain every year she played. She contributes her time giving back to the club inspiring new generations of youth players at Riverside. She is a champion at heart, an ultimate warrior, and a born winner.

2010 Inductee


Team Achievement

90-91 Girls

A very special group of players finishing their club career at U18. Nine of these individuals started playing together at the age of 10. Their unique bond over the years helped them overcome adversity and reach the highest levels of success. Their true success was found in their unity, commitment, and loyalty to each other. These player are now spread nationwide in Division 1 & Division 2 colleges throughout  the United States opening new doors to forge even higher levels of success in their lives. Soccer was the catalyst for these events and Riverside was privileged to share in their story. Here is a brief summary on their accomplishments:
– 9 state league titles.
– 3 state cup championships
– Attending 22 tournaments in 8 years they were crowned champion at 18 tournament, and placing 2nd in four tournaments.
– In total they played 296 games.
Won 210, Tied 41, and Lost 45.
– They scored a grand total of 721 goals avg 2.43 a game.
– They conceded (goals against) 186. Avg .62 a game.
– Many of these games were conducted out of state against the nations best (San Diego, Houston, Washington State, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Pleaston Northern California, and Florida.

No doubt, this team is a very very special team!

2010 Inductee