Riverside Soccer Club

Player Head Injury Policy

With the understanding that much is unknown about the long term effects of head injuries and that our coaches are not trained medical providers, the following is provided as guidance to all Riverside Soccer Club coaches:

  1. In the event of a head injury the player must be removed from practice or match immediately.  Note that a concussion  “most commonly does not involve a loss of consciousness” as stated in the attached document.
  2. If the player exhibits any of the symptoms noted on the accompanying Fact Sheet or Sports Concussion document, notify the parents immediately and suggest that they seek immediate medical attention for their child.
  3. Players exhibiting any of these symptoms are not to be allowed to resume play or practice until you receive clearance documentation from their medical provider.
  4. If you are not certain, error on the side of player safety and keep them on the bench.
  5. Notify the club administrator as soon as possible and provide updates as appropriate.

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