Riverside Soccer Club is a family club catering for those aged 4 – 18 who want to play soccer.  Sometimes finances become an issue and here at Riverside, we want to be able to accommodate our members so that their experience here can be a worry free, fun, learning environment for all concerned.

This is where Riverside sets itself aside from other clubs.  We recognize that finances for some of our members are the determining factor in participating in a sport.  For those that come from low socioeconomic backgrounds its tough to play a sport out of school.  This is why Riverside offers scholarships to those that most need it.

This isn’t enough though.  At Riverside we want to do more and so a group of members got together and developed a program called Riverside Recycles.  Providing equipment for those who need it most.

What is Riverside Recycles?

Riverside Recycles is a program based around our members for our members.  A donation program where anyone can give old/used soccer equipment to the club.  We then, in turn, give this equipment back to our members who need it the most.

What items can be donated?

Our members most need these items still in good condition:

Soccer Balls
Soccer Cleats
Soccer Shinguards/pads
Old Uniforms
Soccer Socks
Soccer Clothing (warm ups, hoodies, etc
Soccer Bags
Anything else Soccer related

Where can we drop these items off?


Sarah Landry
Riverside Soccer Club
Fundraising Coordinator